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The courts of a particular state has jurisdiction over the natural persons within that state. This can include some directors of corporations and the corporations themselves. This definition is inclusive of defence personnel, foreigners and foreign corporations.

Generally crimes that are committed in that state or have impacted on persons in that state are tried in that state. So a crime that is committed in Victoria by a person who lives in South Australia will be tried in Victoria. It is possible in some circumstances to apply for the trial to be heard in the state of the accused, or in a court that is closer in location. Sometimes there are grey areas in relation to the jurisdiction of a case. The question that is generally asked in this circumstance is; in which jurisdiction did the offence occur? If the sufficient component of the offence occurred in one state then it will usually be heard in that state.

Grigor Lawyers provides clients with legal representation in all criminal matters. Our highly skilled criminal defence lawyers appear daily in all Courts in Victoria and interstate. Our lawyers appear in each of the following Courts on a regular basis and can provide legal representation in:

•    Magistrates’ Courts
•    Children’s Courts (Victoria)
•    County Court
•    Supreme Court of Victoria
•    Court of Appeal
•    Federal Court of Australia
•    Federal Circuit Court of Australia
•    High Court of Australia
•    District Courts (Queensland)
•    District Courts (New South Wales)
•    District Courts (South Australia)
•    Local Courts (Queensland)
•    Local Courts (New South Wales)
•    Local Courts (South Australia)

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