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Grigor Lawyers has a special focus on criminal law matters, having begun as an exclusively criminal practice. Since then we have continued to build our extensive experience in this is area, dealing with all types of criminal matters. As well as all criminal matters, our lawyers  handle infringements and driving matters routinely, and often receive results where our clients have penalties reduced or completely struck out. In addition, our lawyers regularly appear in such matters themselves, saving the expense of barristers’ fees.

A criminal law offence can be divided into two distinct groups, indictable (pronounced in-dight-able) offences and summary offences. Indictable offences are the more serious class of offence, and considered a serious breach of common law or statutory law. It proceeds by way of indictment and is heard in front of a judge and jury. An example of an indictable offence would be murder, trafficking of a large commercial quantity of drugs, treason, manslaughter etc.

A summary offence is usually dealt with in front of a singular magistrate in the Magistrates’ Court. There is no jury. It can be appealed to be heard in courts of higher jurisdictions. Usually when an Act creates a crime it states that it is either a summary or indictable offence. If the Act is silent on how the crime should be tried and prosecuted it is assumed that the crime is to be tried summarily.

Grigor Lawyers practices exclusively in criminal law with regard to both summary and indictable offences, and can provide representation to clients in all matters, including:

•    Advice in relation to criminal prosecutions
•    Appeals against sentence and conviction (Magistrates’, County and Supreme Courts)
•    ASIC prosecutions
•    Bail applications (Magistrates’, County and Supreme Courts)
•    Case Conference hearings
•    Confiscation of Assets
•    Contested Committal proceedings
•    Contested hearings
•    Coronial inquests
•    Customs prosecutions
•    Directions hearings
•    Interlocutory applications
•    Intervention orders
•    Pleas in mitigation
•    Royal Commissions
•    Trials (County and Supreme Courts)


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